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    Remove Photos from System Tray

    terrys30580497 Level 3

      I don't know the terminology for what I'm asking. I'm referring to the lower section of Lightroom. See Image


      I've developed and exported a lot of these image to Photoshop and completed my edits there.I saved the image in PS. I just want to remove them from tray at the bottom of Lightroom I don't need to see them any longer.Can I just remove them from there somehow? Or do I need to remove them from Lightroom altogether?



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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          The question I need to ask is why you want to remove them from film strip and or from LR altogether.

          The purpose of LR is to have all your images in one place, program, so you can fine them easier.

          If you remove images that you have done final edits on from LR how will you know which images have final edits and which do not.

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            dj_paige Level 10

            I think you have a misconception about this.


            You don't want to remove photos from Lightroom after you have edited them, and you don't want to remove photos from the filmstrip at the bottom once you have edited them. Lightroom is your library of photos, they need to stay in there. You can turn on the "badges" feature in Lightroom which places a small badge on each photo indicating it has been edited ... This sounds like the tool you ought to be using to identify which photos have been edited, and which have not been edited. See Lightroom Grid View - What Thumbnail Cell Icons Mean | How to View


            Lightroom offers about 12 bazillion ways to segregate photos by different criteria. Deleting photos is not one of those ways, and should not be considered.

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              John Blaustein Level 4

              I agree with dj and Just Shoot Me about keeping your images together in LR.


              You can create a LR Collection and only include those images that you want to see. You might name the collection JobName-Finals, or something similar.



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                terrys30580497 Level 3

                I have about 150 or 200 wedding images currently on the film strip.They are in random order,a few outside images, a few church images,some reception, etc. I've edited 45 or so of them and they are scattered across the entire film strip.

                These images were actually shot by someone else and they are of poor quality.The only thing good about these images is they are shot poorly consistently.So the edits chosen work well on different groups of photos shot at different locations.

                Copy and pasting edits works well.

                Having to scan back and forth through already developed images in the film strip to look for similar images would be easier if the developed ones were no longer visible. I don't need to look at them again and they take up a lot of real estate.


                I'm not interested in removing them from Lightroom. But I don't want to sort through 100's of developed images just to find the ones that are not.


                I hope that's possible.

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                  Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                  You need to use the power of LR to manage your images. That being Keywords and or collections and the use of the Filter bar.

                  You could also use a folder structure that separated individual shoots (weddings and whatever) so not all your images are displayed in either the Grid view or film strip unless you selected All Photographs in the Catalog section on the left when in the Library module.

                  To display images in a As Shot order set  the Sort: to Capture Time. That way all images will be in order newest to oldest or oldest to newest depending on the A/Z-Z/A setting. If you are not seeing either Sort: or the A/Z thing then you need to turn on the Tool Bar by pressing the t key. If the Tool Bar is visible but the Sort: and A/Z isn't there then click the little triangle on the right to select the option you want to be displayed in the Tool Bar.


                  You should review some of the extremely good online tutorials and do some Google searches for articles on how LR works and how to work with LR.


                  http://laurashoe.com/2016/10/27/new-to-lightroom-an-introduction-to-lightroom/?utm_source= MadMimi&utm_medium=email&utm_c…


                  Lightroom CC tutorials

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                    Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                    Also you can use Smart Collections to display either non edited images only or edited images only.


                    Some here on this forum may disagree but I find using the operating system Folder system works well for me. I separate images into folders by the dates they were shot on. This happens automatically during the importing of the images but you can do it manually yourself before importing images into the LR catalog, Database, file.

                    It really is up to you how you separate your images for easier access.


                    I use all the things I have mentioned to work with my images.

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                      Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

                      The simplest way to do this would be to give the edited photos a rating of 1 or more, and then use the filter bar (Ctr+L) to show only unrated photos. As soon as you then give an unrated photo a rating, it will disappear from view.


                      Or you could create a Smart collection that is set to match the following rule: Has adjustments is false