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    Example 1st then this---> InDesign: Creating a Poster & Process Book for Graphic Design


      Hi, new here not sure if this is proper way to contact but I'd like to ask about indesign. I've never used adobe software other than pdf files. I'm watching my instructors video. He is setting the widths, heights, margins and I'm going along with the video but for some reason it changes. He has 2015 indesign, I have 2017 indesign. Say he sets the width to 6 inches, and height 8.25 inches I type that in and it goes to 6p0 width and 8p3 height. Also, he sets margins to 0.375 inches and clicks make all the same, mine becomes 2p3. I really don't know whats going on. PLEASE help


      By the way I've been looking for Lynda.com and youtube videos how to use adobe software. This is SUPER annoying that I don't know how to do this.


      Project for college:

      Select typeface and create PB for Initial Questions and Research

      I’ll post a list of typefaces in this discussion. You’ll need to let me know which one you’d like to use for Project One. Make sure that you have access to the font you have chosen before you reply to the post. Once a font is used by someone it will officially be off the market. Choose wisely!
      Use this thread to ask your initial questions. Everyone should have at least one question.

      Project Overiew:

      Project One: Type Specimen Poster


      Design a poster that could be used to sell a specific typeface. Minimum size is 11x17, though I’d suggest using an 18x24 format.

      Poster must have:

      Type anatomy displayed

      Example of the full alphabet, numbers and symbols

      Example of the typeface used in a paragraph – you may use this to tell us about the typeface or the designer

      Compare to two other typefaces - these may be typefaces that would work well (pairings) or maybe typefaces that are by the same designer.

      Demonstrate how to best use this typeface.

      Present the final project as:

      1. A flat image (PDF of your InDesign file)

      2. In context/mockup - that means you’ll need to print this. More on that in the process video.