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    Unwanted Horizontal Scrollbar Appearing!




      I have a problem with a nasty horizontal scrollbar appearing for no reason on my website, which you can see in the below image.


      This makes absolutely no sense to me since it didn't exist there earlier and I have done no changes to the site in Muse (it appeared just recently when I opened up Muse and went for a preview). I wouldn't be too surprised were it that it only showed up in Muse's preview but it has also appeared on the live site which I uploaded days ago.


      I'll provide a screen from Muse as well in case it'd prove useful.

      pic 2.jpg




      Linus Härstedt

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, your page is insanely large/ wide to begin with and it would appear that your film strip graphic in combination with the video background is causing some padding problems since it's an SVG.



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            Ninoo Level 1

            The thing is, if I use a width of 960 or 1200 (which I know is a standard many use), the site doesn't optimize to 1920x1080 resolution screens. That's why I have to use an insanely large 1920 width.


            The film strip graphic is imported directly from illustrator as an ai. file. I've found that I don't get artifacts that way as I'd get from placing jpeg or png images. Is there a better format I could use in combo with the video that doesn't interfer with the padding and at the same time doesn't have an immense quality loss?




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              Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

              You have a responsive site. Looks like some of your elements don't scale relatively to browser window/device screen size and are causing horizontal scrolling, when not fitting any longer into the given screen width.

              This could be the case, because

              • these elements are not correctly set up as responsive

              • don't (completely) support responsiveness or

              • are pinned incorrectly.

              One example of (perhaps) many: The "Previous" and "Next" buttons of the slide show on your page

              Standard slide shows are not fully responsive yet, and especially these buttons don't adapt responsive width.

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