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    Free month = trap


      I was lured into Adobe Stock by the free month trial...HUGE MISTAKE. I've been unable to cancel it, and am now somehow looped into a year membership. When I finally figured out how to cancel it, it tells me that if I cancel I will be charged something like $128(!!!!!). I feel completely taken advantage of. I didn't even use any photos. I contacted customer service but they were completely not helpful and didn't listen to what I was saying. Just kept telling me that I would have to pay to cancel it, and not listening to me that I didn't want more than the free trial and haven't used it (in fact, the guy had the audacity to try to offer me two more free months...). Dude, I am trying to be done with it.


      If ANYONE working at Adobe has the decency to correct this, it would be greatly appreciated... Please get back to me.