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    Swirling effects


      Hello all. I'm new to animation and an thinking about purchasing the adobe animation programme. I am making a series of work at the moment where I'm using the blending brush tool in photoshop to create smoke-like effects in my photographs. I'd really like to animate these. Being new to the animation process, how difficult is this and is the adobe animation programme worth it for this singular purpose? grid and iom one.jpg

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          Kat Gilbert Adobe Community Professional

          There are several programs that could possibly work as you desire so I am moving to Animate but if you find that this program does not answer you questions please let us know and we can move to another. After Effects is another one but the learning curve on this one is very long.

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I'm pretty sure Animate wouldn't help much with this sort of thing. This looks to me more like something you would do with After Effects. That being said, AE has a steep learning curve (as Kat mentions) and if all you want to do is this one thing, it seems like overkill. However, if you have a full CC subscription, you already have access to After Effects (and Animate), so it would only cost time to learn them.


            Now, some of this depends on what you mean by animating them. Are you wanting to see the picture become progressively more like what you've produced or are you looking to have an animated version of the final product?

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              marcr64811851 Level 1

              Thank you Kat and Szalam.


              Being new to the process, I'd like to experiment both with a slow moving/undulating build up of the smoke-like effect and the animation of the final picture above.


              At the moment I only have access to Photoshop.