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    Morphing between two shapes (paths) imported from AI

    Clueless in Adobe

      I'm trying to get a black shape to change into another shape using paths for each shape imported from AI.  I'm nearly there but am having trouble getting the shapes to line up.  Rather than describe how I've gotten to this point, I've created a 40s video showing what I'm doing, and the resulting problem.  The video is here:


      After Effects problem: morphing between two shapes - YouTube


      I have also included all my source material - the AE project and the AI file.  You can find that here:


      Index of /d/AEForum


      I'm trying to re-create the start of the Archer opening credits as shown here:


      Archer Title Sequence - YouTube


      It's just an exercise - just something I'm doing to learn AI and AE.  At the end of the problem video you can see the final shape has moved.  When the path from the first shape was copied, it moved.  I can't figure out why.  I need the shape (the plane) to be in the same position.  I can't simply drag the plane back where it came from, as this moves the clock hand out of place.  There are no position properties for the two paths...it appears that I will have to manually move each vertex of the plane's path back where it came from individually, which is certain to be time consuming and error prone..surely this isn't necessary and that there is a better way?


      Any help greatly appreciated.