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    Adobe Camera Raw 9.8 fails to install

    ninjapimp Level 1

      I use ACR for lightroom. although it does not directly tie into lightroom I use it thus I need to install it. I can explain.

      When I typically install it, it jsut installs but now it just says update fails. no error msg simply update fails and to contact admin blah blah blah


      when i install ACR, int he past, it helps with my LR workflow because when I right click ont he image and choose export to photoshop, it uses ACR to render that file for photoshop.


      if ACR update is missing, than an annoying nag will appear every single time I go to export image to photoshop. the nag asks to update ACR otherwise LR must render the file instead of using ACR. Using ACR to render the files gives better results IMO than using LR, besides the fact the only way to remove this nag msg is to apply the ACR update.


      when I update lightroom, updating ACR go hand in hand for me to remove the nag and get better export renders into photoshop.


      my question is, how do I get the ACR to actually install if it just fails to update?

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          ACR (Adobe Camera RAW) is Built into LR. No need to install it for LR. If you have Photoshop CC 2017 then you need to install ACR 9.8 for that but not for LR.


          You have it slightly backwards. If both LR and PS ACR version are the same then LR sends the file directly to PS with all the LR adjustments you made and the RAW file, with the RAW file extension, shows in PS. If the ACR versions are different then LR has to first Render the image and turn it into a TIFF or PSD, as per your option choice in the External Editing section of the LR preferences, and then send it to PS.

          Either way LR is applying all the edits you made in LR to the file before it is sent to PS.


          If you are getting an error that says something about contacting the System Admin then you have a permissions problem. The folder ACR is trying to install to does not have Write permissions for your user name. Correct that and it should install.

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            ninjapimp Level 1

            the purpose of installing ACR is to get rid of the annoying nag everytime I export to photoshop. I've had this issue for years, across mutliple OS and systems. seems thats the way it is.

            so i update ACR manually to get rid of that nag.


            I am the admin to my computer, there are no other users. i can install lightroom 6.8 with no issues, that went fine

            but when i try to install ACR simply says update failed. so its not a permissions issue, if one app allows install and another does not, that rules out what you say.


            it has to be something else, i google the error and i see it common but i cant find solution to it.


            otherwise, how to get rid of the annoying nag message that I must update ACR when i export to photoshop? only way i know is to update ACR which seems to fail.

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              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              What specific version of Photoshop are you using (Help / About Photoshop, or PS / About) and what version of Camera Raw is actually installed with PS.

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                ninjapimp Level 1

                Adobe Photoshop Version: 2017.0.0 20161012.r.53 2016/10/12:23:00:00 CL 1094006  x64


                i dont know how to check for ACR version inside of PS, sorry



                this is the error msg i get when i try to update ACR.

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                  ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  On Windows, you can use Help / About Plug-in / Photoshop.


                  On a Mac I think there is maybe an Camera Raw / About or Plug-ins / Camera Raw / About.  I only have a PC so I’m not sure.

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                    ninjapimp Level 1

                    so i tried this:

                    Hi guys, I've found a solution.


                    Step 1. Delete or rename the  <Startup Disk>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AAMUpdaterInventory/1.0/AdobeUpdaterAdminPrefs.dat



                    but does not fix problem.

                    i try to rename or delete it, it asks me for my password whcih I enter, but than nothing. it wont delete or rename.

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                      ninjapimp Level 1

                      ok i figured it out


                      you cant delete the file in finder directly

                      you have to move it to the trash can

                      once in there you have to:

                      1. Open Terminal. It's located in /Applications/Utilities. ...
                      2. Double-click the Trash icon in the Dock to reveal the contents of the Trash. ...
                      3. Press the Command-A key combination to select all files in the Trash.
                      4. Drag the files from the Trash to the Terminal window. ...
                      5. Press Return. ...
                      6. Empty the Trash.

                      once i did that i ran the update and it worked.


                      so removing that adobe file worked, so in fact it was an adobe related issue, damn adobe has so many bugs in their updates.

                      i will pass this along to my friends.