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    Can't Render: Error 7 :: 66 Image Buffers of size..



      I'm trying to export a project and I Get Error 7 :: 66 Everytime, I Have 2 Comps, 1 Comp is the main, the other is adjustments.
      When I try to export the first one i get another error : crash  occurred while invoking  effect plug-in '.....', Actually it gives me error of every single plug-in that i added in the composition "E3d,Optical flares, Hue/Saturation, Magic looks,Looks.."
      The largest file in my project is 3984 × 2241

      Exporting form CC 14.0, Tried to export from CC 13.1 but got the same errors.


      "Additional Info"

      I'm making Earth zoom, 3D Astroids "E3D" Followed by 3D Earth "E3D", Light and Flare

      Earth zoom comes after Astroids, 3D Earth Parented to last image of Zoom

      Comp settings: 1920X1080, 25 FPS, Exporting to H.264

      Device : Macbook Pro 2013 13 Inch, 8 GB Ram
      Multiprocessing Turned off, Ram Available for After effects: 6GB Ram




      Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 5.29.55 PM.png