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    Global fix of character style with overrides?

    NitroPress Level 1

      I am processing a Word manuscript into a book, and it's been straightforward except for one issue.


      A character style was defined in Word to replace inherent italicizing, so that the tag can be manipulated better in both the print and e-book layouts. The problem is that the style imported with a universal override to Cambria (from Arno Pro). Searches can't seem to reliably find the overridden tag, and attempts to switch the whole character tag from one setting to another don't fix the override. I'm coming up on sections with hundreds of italicized words and phrases. There's GOT to be some way to do this with style definitions or search-and-replace!


      Specifically: The body text is in varying sizes of Arno Pro, almost entirely Regular. The "Body Italic" character style is set to apply Italic to the tagged text (and, right now, highlight it in magenta to make manual correction easy). Everything works fine - I can change the Body Italic style any way I like and have it show up in all the instances, and I can replace the Body Italic with a bizarre placeholder style (green Berlin, for example)... except that the override to Cambria remains in all cases and searching for either Cambria or Cambria Italic skips all the overridden applications.


      Is there a simple way to do a global fix of the override applied to the text tagged with the Body Italic style?