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    Exporting RTF – WTF with images?

    Igor Sergeev

      I need to export the publication as RTF to convert it to FB2 eBook format.


      When exporting to RTF, InDesign is resizing images—and in a certain way. Okay, I thought: then I will just prepare all pictures of the maximum possible width×height.


      But these parameters are not described anywhere—there are no RTF export options, neither in the interface nor in the scripting guide.


      Okay, I thought: it’s easy to learn empirically. But not all so simple! Picture e.g. of 600×600 px decreases to 500×500, but 400×700 remains intact! And there is no difference with file formats (PNG, TIF, JPG) or actual/effective dpi or linked/embedded or frame size.


      As I found empirically, InDesign resizes image if its area (sic!) is slightly less than 350’000 pixels (speaking only about RGB images)—1000×349 remains invariable, but 1000×350 is resized—and guess how?


      The image resolution is assumed to be 72 dpi and then decreases in quite peculiar way in increments of 18 dpi: 54 dpi, 36 dpi, 18 dpi…


      So 1000×350 px (≈14″×5″@72 dpi) becomes 750×263 px: ≈14″×5″@54 dpi. What a weird s**t!


      Is there anyone who can explain how exactly this amazing export module in InDesign is working?


      (InDesign CS6–CC2017)