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    InDesign UI


      I finally had to make the switch to Adobe CC and I'm having a big problem with InDesign at the moment (I'm sure PS and Illustrator will frustrate me later). Because of the nature of my graphic design work, I DO NOT like tabbed documents in an application, I prefer one doc open, with all the menus, control bars and tools floating "in front" of my work so I can zoom in really tight when I need to...etc. I don't need to explain myself. ID CS6 allowed me to do this easily. I cannot figure out how to set this up via Preferences, or any other way in ID CC 2017. This will also be a problem with PS and AI I presume. It is the way I work. But I do like many of the other new features.


      Does anyone have any suggestions. I hope it's not, "get used to tabbed docs?"