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    Lightroom Library Size Discrepancy

    pixel_a_ted Level 1

      Running LR 2015.8 on a Mac, OS X El Capitan. I'm a fairly light user of LR, and usually when I am done I back up the catalog upon exiting.


      This time, when doing that, I got the following message: "Catalog size is more than 4 GB." There was no way to skip the backup at this point, so I started it and quickly canceled.


      If I go to Lightroom/Catalog Settings, it says the size is 14.4 MB. When I tried the backup again, after getting the same message, it actually finished the backup quickly, before I tried to cancel it. The size of the backed up catalog is 3.1 MB.


      So why is it telling me it's > 4 GB when I initiate a backup?