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    Parenting bulge center to a null?


      I have some handheld footage of myself, and I would like to make my eyes bulge out and look like frog eyes. I know how to do this, but since I move in the shot and since the camera moves, I had to do some motion tracking. This was no problem either, just simple 2D position and rotation tracking. But when I try to get the bulge to follow my eyes, I come across this problem:

      I tracked the motion and applied it to a null. What I was going to do was add a bulge effect to my eyes, and parent the bulge center of that effect to the null to make it move with the null, thus following the movement of me and the movement of the camera to make it look realistic. However, it seems you can't parent certain effect parameters (like bulge center) to a null object. Is there any other way to make the bulge follow my eyes without manually keyframing the center in my (about 11 second) shot?