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    Trouble importing from Toon Boom Harmony


      I am creating a web series and have been using Toon Boom Harmony Essentials to create characters, backgrounds, and items, I have never animated before in my life so please make your answer understandable to a noob lol. I was planning on exporting the files to Adobe AE for the animation process, but can't quite figure out how to properly do this... I tried reading other threads and topics and read some stuff about alphachannels, rendering as an animation and then checking "keyframe - all", and something about checking "millions of colors +" as an output option all in Toon Boom Harmony, but for the life of me cant find the option for any of these to even test them. The farthest I have gotten is exporting the file from Toon Boom Harmony as a PNG/TIF and then importing to AE, but then it only shows up as one layer and acts as an image instead of me being able to move around the arms and such indivudually.  So please, how do I export from Toon Boom Harmony and get my drawings to stay in seperate layers?!  Any and all advice is very much appreciated as I need to get this done ASAP, TIA!