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    Stock won't load in Safari - just a white page

    fashionrisk1 Level 1

      This seems to a be a common problem, but I'm not finding a solution that's working for me.  Here's what I've tried:


      Confirmed UTF-8

      Cleared the browser history

      Deleted website data

      Turned off extensions

      Disabled plugins

      Deselected Safari in the iCloud preferences
      Confirmed local time settings are correct



      Restarted the browser after all the above.


      When I navigate to: https://stock.adobe.com/  the site loads as a white page - not text, no images, nothing but white.


      Stock loads just fine in Firefox




      Safari Version 10.0.1 (12602.

      OS Sierra 10.12.1 (16B2555)



      Any ideas?  Has anyone found a reliable solution for this problem?