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    Automatically Index from a Indexlist, with custom Index words & paragraph reference

    GrizzlyBjørn Level 1

      Hi fellow Indesigners,


      so here is another Problem I have. It is a bit similar to this one Re: Automatic create Index of an existing index-list , however not quite.


      I'm working on a book, where every document has its own Index.

      I have a preexisting Indexlist from a Wordfile (that unfortunately is manually set up, without any cross reference or similar), that only gives names and the paragraph number.

      This preexisting Indexlist, refers to almost every paragraph number of text in the document, with custom names, that sometimes do not occur in the actual text it is indexing to.

      So to set up the new Indesign Index, for every Indexentry, so far, i have to

      1. Copy & Paste the Indexname of the preexisting Indexlist Entry, to the Indesign Index Topic List.

      2. Scroll up the document until finding the corresponding paragraph number, as referenced to in the preexisting Indexlist.

      3. Set the Indesign Index reference with the manually copy&pasted Index Topic of step 1.


      Even though this approach works, with more than 300 Indexreferences per document, i fear those 3 steps will consume more time than anything else...


      Does anyone has an idea, how to maybe set it up, so that indesign automatically references the index topics, according to the corresponding Paragraph references of the preexisting Indexlist? (Eventhough the paragraph references so far unfortunately are not set as an actual cross reference).


      OR if that is not possible, how to automatically set the paragraph references of the preexisting index list, as actual cross references?


      Best regards,