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    InDesign CC2017 - Toolbar options missing that were previously there

    Laiza_833 Level 1

      Dear Forum


      The recent update to 2017 made parts of my toolbar options (the horizontal strip on top) to disappear which is driving me crazy, as it removed exactly the options I use there most...! There's plenty of space of it as the workspace is the same, yet when you click on an object or text frame, it doesn't show them any more. I've already gone in on "customize control panel", but it only lets you control what is showing/hidden when you don't have anything selected. What I need, is to control what shows up when you select things like an object or text inside a frame. Or just get it back to how it was before, it always had space until the update (??)


      For example, my align toolbar now only contains the align options without the distribution options, and my text options suddenly don't include the space before after anymore. That is super annoying as I have to manually go to the separate panels every time, it's delaying me. And there's plenty of space for the options up there. HELP pls someone???

      shot 1.JPG

      shot 2.JPG