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    Debugger not connecting - Waiting for Player to connect




      I have a really strange problem, twice i had an issue with Flashbuilder and inteliji IDEA not being able to connect to the debugger, meaning that i'm not getting any traces. It compiles it, and i can see the app but Flash builder is not connecting to the ADL file and not getting anything back in the console.


      So here's what i tried so far:
      Re-installed Flashbuilder -> No effect

      Re-installed the Flex AIR SDK -> No effect

      Re-installed Java -> No effect

      Tried Inteliji IDEA -> Same problem

      Tried to create  a new workbench -> No effect

      Created simple project in new workbench -> same problem


      I'm doing a Adobe Air project (so no browser). In Flashbuilder it stops always on 57% percent (see image)Skærmbillede 2016-12-12 kl. 13.03.38.png


      What more is there to re-install (exept the entire computer )?


      I have worked in Flashbuilder for more that 6 year , never had this problem until recent. After 1-2 days the problem has so far gone away by itself by leaving Flashbuilder on. It's strange but after 0,5-1day, for some reason the last two times, it was able to connect again. I have no idea what happened when it start working again. Now i have the problem for the third time and i don't know how to repair it.