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    Deleting photos in Lightroom 2015.8 on Windows 10 issue

    kennetho30863598 Level 1



      I just updated my Lightroom CC to the latest 2015.8 release. It was working OK previously except for needing closed and restarted every hour due to slow downs. Anyway, I now have an annoying issue in that when I go into the develop module and I go through adjusting my images and flagging those I dont like as rejected, I then "Delete rejected Photos".


      Once that is done, the develop module work space where the image appears is set to the preview of the last image that was rejected.


      After this, no matter which images I click in the image bar below, or even if I click out to Library then back in to Develop, the last rejected image (despite having been deleted) is still shown. It does not change to any other image until I close Lightroom and restart it.


      I am running on Windows 10, not tried in Mac OSX yet. Is anyone else having this issue and have you found a fix for it at all?