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    Sound Recognition List?

    bobokirk Level 1

      I'm starting a project with characters of multiple ethnicities.  The mouth shapes will be a little different for some slang (and some not so slang) words.

      Is there a list of sounds Character Animator recognizes? I see those in the standard workspace, but heard in one of the tuts about more than the 14 or so that I see.

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          oksamurai Employee Moderator

          I think there's a spreadsheet deep in an Adobe lab somewhere, but I've only seen it a couple of times and it's constantly changing / evolving with every release. But yeah, there are 60+ sounds it's listening for and translating into the standard 11 visemes.


          If you need custom mouth shapes, I would key trigger them instead. Just add extra layers into your mouth like yell, wide, etc - and then do a key trigger take to record those specific moments.


          If it's live animation, then your best bet is probably to have a different "slang" mouth set that you trigger if you know a special case is coming up. I showed how to swap mouth sets here (23:26 in):


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