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    Coordinating mp3 Player w/ a loaded swf containing songs

      Can Anyone please help me!! I am using MX Pro 2004.

      I have an mp3 player loading my mp3's via an external xml file, it works fine on the 'main' fla file.

      My site is set up like this: main fla. file with every page (external swf) loading into it.
      I have a 'discography' page that you can flip through different CD's, each with a list of it's songs, and a 'play' button next to each. =How= do I get those play buttons to -coordinate- with the mp3 player on the main fla.????????

      The player has,(besides the usual ff/rr/stop,pause and play) a vol. control, a loading bar and cd title and song title read out for each tune. I -need- he songs on the externally loading 'discography.swf' to be able to call the -specified song- when the button next to it is pressed -and- Stop whatever else is playing. And =How= do I get the mp3 player buttons to behave on those somgs?????

      I have searched, tried everthing I could find code-wise and I'm at a loss. I'm supposed to have this ready by tomorrow!!
      Anyone?? I know there must be a way...I just don't know how to code it.

      Thanks in advance to any willing soul!