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    AEM 6.2 Update - Issues with Chrome Browser

    sarahc42799392 Level 1


      We recently upgraded from AEM 6.1 to AEM 6.2 and there are several users who are on Chrome and after the upgrade they're seeing the following issues:

      • When navigating to Sites and through our page structure, then scrolling to the bottom of the page, no additional pages display so they're not able to see any newly created pages
      • Some users when the select a component and select Configure, the popup box to edit the properties for that component doesn't pop up.  This means that users are not able to edit content or configure components.
      • When creating new projects the user receives an error message saying, "Something went wrong".


      Prior to our upgrade we didn't have any of these issues and I can confirm that when I asked our authors to use Firefox, none of the above issues persisted.


      I reported the issue to Daycare, but they're unable to reproduce the problem.  Has anyone else experienced this issue before?  We're currently struggling to figure out where to start.