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    Contract Cancellation Fees


      When Adobe switched to a contract structure instead of buying their software I thought it was a "keeping up with the times" initiative. However it now seems more of a scam to keep people paying for the program and making it very difficult to leave. I had signed up on a student account over a year ago. I admit somewhere there might be an email notifying that this original sign up had rolled over to the non student rate and enrolled me in a new full year contract but it was not an easy or obvious email that I can not find. That was scam stage 1 - a seamless and not clearly notified rollover to a new contract under a new price. When I noticed the extra fee in my bank statement a few months ago I called to cancel - as I have not used illustrator once since graduating. They told me I would pay 50% of my remaining contract which was to be over $100 dollars. They kept me on their string by adding a few free months and when I called to cancel after those free months I was again charged with a cancellation fee of 74$. I am really frustrated because this is a great product. But I would strongly warn anyone signing up to BEWARE Adobe contracts.


      Has anyone else had trouble cancelling their contracts?