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    Exporting for video wall


      I have a project where we have 11 monitors (each monitor is mounted vertically), strung together to create a video wall (overall 11880x1920). I'm pretty amateur to after effects (or media encoder) when it comes to rendering out something to that magnitude. Looking for suggestions in file type and/or any better way to add video to the wall through after effects/premiere or something else

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Talk to whoever is doing the playback. This has nothing to do with standard resolutions and output formats. This is typically done through multiple synced playback devices, video signal splitters and that sort of thing and may even involve custom proprietary output formats. Pardon the directness, but just mucking around in AE without knowing what is actually required isn't a good strategy.



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            patm12694820 Level 1

            Cool, thanks, I just talked to our administrator and put me in touch with the company ("Userful") we are using for the video playback, hopefully I'll get a bit more insight into how to make this work and best practices for output. Thanks for the quick response