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    Lightroom edit in - Photoshop not working for RAW 5ds files


      I recently performed updates for cc apps including photoshop ver. 2017.0.0 ,  lightroom ver. 2015.8, and camera raw ver. 9.8. I can import images from camera just fine to my lightroom catalog. I usually import RAW files from Canon 5ds along with a small jpeg of the same image. Editing in lightroom performs as expected for RAW files, however when I right click > edit in> photoshop cc 2017 it will open photoshop but not the file. I do not get the dialog box with the three options, edit with lightroom adjustments, edit original, etc... I have uninstalled and reinstalled both applications and I have also tried starting photoshop first before opening images in lightroom. I'm running Mac os Sierra ver. 10.12.1 on my mac pro. As I'm writing this I'm contemplating getting a different camera to see if different RAW files would work. The small jpeg's work as expected when choosing the edit in photoshop option. Any help is appreciated. If you need more info please ask.