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    Data merge multi-record layout with 2 sided document


      Hello & some help please,


      A little background to help: I have a 2 sided 4x6 postcard with bleed that is being driven by a text file that contains variable data. I can lay it out as a 4x6 2 sided document, set up the data merge fields and preview it and see the data base changes as I cycle through the records and create a new document with all the files needed. However, I want to place them 8 up on a 13x19 sheet size, which means that page 2 has to have the back side of the card in the opposite position (no facing pages). I can set up one record to give me what I want on the 13x19 sheet and get he multi-record functionality to put 8 per page on the sheet the way I want ONLY when I do not set up the back side (page 2), when I do that the mult-record option is disabled.


      The problem is complicated by the fact that the finished document needs to be printed in mail sort order which means I will also need some help obtaining a script that will arrange the records correctly so the finished printed document can be produced in cut and stack order. Before I get to this step I need to be able to accomplish the task listed in the first paragraph.


      Any help would be appreciated.