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    .mov files on android?

    shm96627712 Level 1

      Anyway to get these file types to show up in clip on an Android phone?

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          Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee



          Are these files stored on your device's memory?




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            shm96627712 Level 1

            Yep, they're all on my phones storage

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              ConsumerDV Level 1

              Indeed, I tried uploading a file with MOV extension to my phone.


              I created a new folder and copied the file into this folder, then started Clip, started new project and tried importing it – the folder would not show at all.


              Then I moved the file to another folder, tried to import if from Clip – the app shows folder and shows its other content, but not the MOV file.

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                Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee



                Since android does not support playback of .MOV file, the import of MOV files from local storage has been blocked.

                However, you can add this file to yourCC assets (assets.adobe.com) and then import this file into your clip project (using import through CC button).


                Let me know if that helps!




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                  umangmittal Level 1



                  Since there is no native support for .MOV files on android, we do not support importing .MOV files from local storage into Adobe Clip.

                  However, Clip supports importing of .MOV files from cloud storage.

                  You can add your files to any of your cloud account (Creative Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive) and then you'll be able to import the files into your Clip project.


                  Please let me know if that works for you.



                  Umang Mittal

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                    ConsumerDV Level 1

                    I am not sure what do you mean by Android not supporting MOV files. I can see these files in built-in file manager and play them back with VLC (KitKat 4.4 on LG phone).


                    I do not see a thumbnail on the file - I presume that thumbnails are generated by built-in Android tools, although I am sure that Android has the means to inject whatever image processing tools there are into the thumbnail generator chain.


                    Do you mean that because Android does not show thumbnail image on a MOV file, you decided not to show these files in file picker? This seems unwise, especially if Clip itself is capable of playing these files. Even if I had a bunch of files without thumbnails, after ingesting them into Clip the app would generate thumbnails itself, and I would be able to re-arrange the clips using thumbnail images generated by Clip.

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                      shm96627712 Level 1

                      I've tried uploading the clips to both google drive and the creative cloud, which clip now seems to recognize them. Unfortunately when loaded in they just come in as having no data or something saying "duration: <1s". The clips range in size from 3 seconds, 8 seconds to a minute 45

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                        vineverkaviani Level 1

                        I use the following method to easily play MOV on Android


                        This method also helps to play other Android unsupported MKV, FLV, VOB, WEBM, MP4, RMVB, WTV, etc.