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    RH 2015 Merged Help Project Stripping CSS




      I have two issues with my merged help.


      1. I've gotten everything to merge but now RH is stripping out the custom CSS file in the child projects in the generate folder. As a result, when I view the child help, the custom graphics are missing and the text styling is missing. I can add the CSS file back into the child project in the generate folder but that is a maintenance nightmare. Should I use an absolute path to the stylesheet and where should the stylesheet reside? Fixed. Needed to click Apply to All Topics in the WebHelp Settings>Content Categories>Content<Default> options.
      2. The child topics have a Show link at the top left. It is not a breadcrumb. When I click the link it displays the entire child help system in the content window with the current topic active. RH is inserting some JavaScript into the body. Show needs to go away It is:


      if (window.gbWhTopic)


        var strUrl = document.location.href;

        var bc = 0;

        var n = strUrl.toLowerCase().indexOf("bc-");

        if(n != -1)


        document.location.replace(strUrl.substring(0, n));

        bc = strUrl.substring(n+3);




        if (window.addTocInfo)


        addTocInfo("Symbols\nAssemblies\nUDA - Equipment");





        if (window.writeBtnStyle)




        if (window.writeIntopicBar)








        if (window.gbIE4)




      onLoadHandler = function()


        if (window.setRelStartPage)


        setTimeout("setRelStartPage('../../index.htm');", 1)



          setTimeout("UpdateBreadCrumbsMarker();", 1);





      if (window.addEventListener){

        window.addEventListener('load', onLoadHandler, false); 

      } else if (window.attachEvent){

        window.attachEvent('onload', onLoadHandler);




      function onSetStartPage()









      Ginger Shew-Stuckey

      Peter Grainge@