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    Cannot print with Lightroom



      • I am experiencing a problem trying to print from Lightroom. When I print from Lightroom nothing happens.


      • In Lightroom's Print Module, the dialogs are all fine and responsive...when I click the "print" or "print one" buttons, the printer Print Dialog box comes up as expected.


      • When I select print from the pop-up Print Dialog menu, Lightroom signals that it is "Preparing print job" (info appears in upper left activity area); but then NOTHING.  The printer does not launch.


      • I've assumed this was a Lightroom issue since I don't experience this trying to print from any other program.



      • This started after I updated the OS to Sierra.
      • Printer and printing workflow work fine from other programs (including photoshop)
      • Printer set-up dialog from within Lightroom sees the printer just fine (i.e. I can see updated ink status, etc.)
      • Lightroom 2015.8
      • Mac OS X 12.1.Sierra with Canon ip4900
      • MacMini