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    Context-sensitive help in Robohelp v8 and v12 not displaying properly

    JamesM1280 Level 1

      Hello, I had started authoring a Webhelp project using Robohelp 8, and have recently upgraded to Robohelp v12 (2015). The project contains roughly 500 topics, and is supposed to provide context-sensitive help for our Javascript-based application. Prior to upgrading Robohelp, when CS help is called from within the application (running on IE11), the CS help appears in a dynamic sized window displaying the topic related to the screen from which it was called (I used the CS Help tool in RH8 to link up map IDs to topics).


      Now that the project has been opened in and upgraded to RH12, the CS help calls no longer work as they once did. Now, when a user clicks the ? button in the app on any given screen, a separate window opens to the Welcome topic (the project's default landing page) and displays the TOC in the left pane, instead of launching the individual topic tied to the screen from which it's called.


      When I view the whcshdata.htm file generated by RH12, it is missing large chunks of data compared to the previous whcshdata.htm generated by RH8 (a whole body of text that appears to set the topic file to the map ID "SetCsh(2,"MA_SU_0004_0040",37440,"project_folder/suppliers/importing_suppliers.htm"). Is there something I am doing differently when I compile the help project? Or is there some sort of setting that I need to change in the project settings? Your help would be appreciated.