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    localStorage broken in multipage cordova app on IO?

    stichting opwekp67038633 Level 1

      An app that has to restyled every years works fine for some years now.

      Today I tried to start the preparations for 2017 and for some reason I cannot get it to work with the CLI 6.3.0.

      The previous CLI I used doesn't seem to have that problem.


      As far as I can tell localStorage seems to have become page specific.

      Well not quite. At a given point in time the localstorage that is seen from a specific page is no longer in pace with localstorage from other pages.

      I've added a 'version'  counter that is increased on every save into LS. And I see different values when navigating between pages.


      The app works fine with an Android locally build version.

      I see the problem only on a PGB build IOS version.


      Did I miss some breaking change?