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    Safari and Mac OS X

      Does WebHelp work using Safari browser and Mac OS X? When accessed, the TOC pane displays empty. Any help would be greatlt appreciated.

      Thanks, Lisa
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          HKabaker Level 2

          Are you generating with a skin?

          Which option are you using on the DHTML-Applet-Plain html dialog?

          Safari will display WebHelp, but the TOC/Index/Search functions are different.

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            PSU_LISA Level 1

            I am generating with a Skin.

            The version of RoboHelp X5 I'm using has a Source Layout called WebHelp Enterprise, which I think was later called WebHelp Pro. WebHelp Enterprise dosen't have "Navigation Pane prefered format" selections when publishing, however the setting for the WebHelp publishing format is DHTML > Java Applet > Pure HTML. Not sure if the the compile of WebHelp Enterprise uses those settings.
            Are you suggestion I make a change in the "Navigation Pane prefered format" settings to accomidate the TOC/Index/Search issue I'm having with the Safari browser?

            Thank You,
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              HKabaker Level 2

              No, I'm not suggesting a change in the DHTML > Java Applet > Pure HTML setting. That's what I use.

              I don't know much about generating with WebHelp Pro. There have been some posts here saying that you should not use this option unless you have installed a RoboHelp add -on on the server. RIck and Peter, I think, have some advice on their sites.

              The first thing to check is whether you have folders called whdata, whgdata and whxdata in the WebHelp directory. TOC and Index listings, and the Search database, are provided in different formats for various browsers's capabilities.

              Safari shows (for me, at least) the entire Index as a list of words with reference numbers linked to topics, rather than a list that gives you a topic menu popup.

              The TOC looks a little different.

              The Search list has the same format as the Index. There is no fill-in field for key words. You have to scroll the list to find the term you would have entered.

              Not great, but better than nothing.

              If you have those folders in the WebHelp output, and still no TOC, post back again. I can suggest some patches in RH that could make the TOC compatible with Safari in your environment.