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    Crash when using Lightroom 6 on MacBook Pro


      Good day,

      I use a MacBook Pro I7 of 2012 with 8 Giga Ram and Mac OS El Capitan.

      About 10 days ago, I had a hard crash whilst editing a photo on Lightroom 6.  It was impossible to start again the computer.  I had to reinstall El Capitan from scratch but lost a few datas in the operation.  After a proper save of all datas on an external drive, I tried to use again Lightroom 6, and again systematically had crashes.  This time I was more lucky as I managed to start the system without reinstalling the OS.  Then, I thought I may solve the issue by upgrading the OS to Mac OS SIERRA.  This was apparently not a good ideas as it crashed seconds after lauching LR6.  I then decided to uninstall / reinstall LR6.  Again probably not a good idea as I can not install from the DVD. It blocks and I get a message "download support Advisor".  I tried to do it but cannot find any help corresponding to my problem.

      A bit frustrating I must confess.


      Brgds / PhilippeZ