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    Problem with control palette (space before and space after)

    AABBCCJuile Level 1

      Hi all! I'm using InDesign CC 2017.0 on an iMac. Lately (maybe the last two weeks?) I've been having an issue with inputting numbers into the control palette. For example, if I want to add space between several lines of text, I select those lines of text and go up to the control palette to the "Space After" section. I type in .1" (or whatever." Two things happen. First, the highlighted number I just typed in to the "Space after" section turns yellowish... not blue (which is what it normally does). Second, it erases all the text I selected and replaces it with a ".1"

      You'd think I just didn't type into the "Space after" section. But I did. I've done this so many times over the last few weeks. I know it's a glitch of some sort. My workaround has been to do one line of text at a time. This works. But when I select more than one line, it doesn't. The yellowish highlight is a tip off. Something weird is happening.

      This is sort of hard to explain, so let me know if I left out important helpful information. This also happens in the "Space before" section. ss2.jpgss1.jpg