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    Kobo Aura H20 - Can't authorize it, why??


      I've download Adobe Digital Edition to my PC; I have authorized my computer; I have downloaded the library book borrowed in .acsm (I also see it on my computer as a .epub file) and I can see it on Adobe Digital Edition when I open it, but it's the only thing I see!  I have plugged in my Kobo Aura H20 (which is included in the compatibility list) to the computer. BUT, it doesn't appear in the list on the left as a device that I can authorize.  Why doesn't it appear?  And how can I authorize it?  I only seem to be able to authorize 1 computer and that's it. I don't get any errors nothing like that, just doesn't seem to recognize it. Help, what am I doing wrong or not doing???  I just want to read my book!!!