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    Different languages

      Hi Friends,

      I am working on a project where I want to have different languges in one application.
      Brief :
      This is an Ad application. It works like this - An Ad is creating for an ABC company and then they are sending the Ad to different branches in different countries. In all the branches this application is there and the Ad is loading to the application.
      And they has to change the Ad caption into there local language.
      The branches don't have the fonts installed.

      The application is working perfectly accept the language part. I tried it with shared libraries but the client don't want to waste time in creating swf files for each fonts.

      Please help on this topic
      how can I include fonts dynamicaly into the aplication without creating each swf file for each font. And the Cpmpany is changing new fonts each time so I can't able to include it into the flash library earlier.