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    Builds are no longer working on iOS 10 devices

    OrangeMason Level 1

      Hi all,

      We ran a build on phonegap build today and it seems that the resulting app is no longer working on iOS 10 devices, while other iOS versions and android devices are working just fine. The same app was running fine on iOS 10 devices in earlier builds created a bit more than a week ago.


      When starting the app, the splashscreen is loaded, but the device ready event seems to have never being called. When I debug the app using weinre, all I get is the following output:

      Channel not fired: onFileSystemPathsReady

      Channel not fired: onCordovaInfoReady

      Channel not fired: onCordovaConnectionReady

      Channel not fired: onCordovaAppVersionReady


      I was suspecting this might be something related to the push plugin. However, when I remove this plugin the issue still occurs.

      Since the issue only occurs for iOS 10 it has to be something in the build process and not in our code. Please provide support as I do not see any other way to debug this issue further.


      We are using cli-6.4.0 and plugins listed below.


      cordova-plugin-appversion  npm*1.0.0n/aandroid,ios,winphone
      cordova-plugin-camera  npm*2.3.1n/aandroid,ios,winphone
      cordova-plugin-console  npm*1.0.5n/aandroid,ios,winphone
      cordova-plugin-contacts  npm*2.2.1n/aandroid,ios,winphone
      cordova-plugin-device  npm*1.1.4n/aandroid,ios,winphone
      cordova-plugin-dialogs  npm*1.3.1n/aandroid,ios,winphone
      cordova-plugin-file  npm*n/an/aandroid,ios,winphone
      cordova-plugin-file-transfer  npm*1.6.1n/aandroid,ios,winphone
      cordova-plugin-globalization  npm*1.0.5n/aandroid,ios,winphone
      cordova-plugin-inappbrowser  npm*1.5.0n/aandroid,ios,winphone
      cordova-plugin-media  npm*2.4.1n/aandroid,ios,winphone
      cordova-plugin-media-capture  npm*1.4.1n/aandroid,ios,winphone
      cordova-plugin-network-information  npm*1.3.1n/aandroid,ios,winphone
      cordova-plugin-splashscreen  npm*4.0.1n/aandroid,ios,winphone
      cordova-plugin-statusbar  npm*2.2.1n/aandroid,ios,winphone
      cordova-plugin-vibration  npm*2.1.3n/aandroid,ios,winphone
      cordova-plugin-websql  npm*0.0.10n/aandroid,ios,winphone
      cordova-plugin-websql-async  npm*1.0n/aandroid,ios,winphone
      cordova-plugin-whitelist  npm*1.3.1n/aandroid,ios,winphone
      phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner  npm*6.0.4n/aandroid,ios,winphone
      phonegap-plugin-push  npm~,ios,winphone