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    Watermarks on Flex applications/charts




      I have been trying hard to get the watermarks off the charts from my Flex application. Here are the steps I have tried and none of them work


      1> Added the license information inside the flex-config.xml file inside the frameworks folder








      The weird thing is, even after I add this, I don't see the change reflecting in the target folder inside my flex web app after I do an mvn clean install. Not sure what I could be missing.


      Also tried replacing the above with flexbuilder4 inside product. Tried just using <flashbuilder47>number</flashbuilder47> as well.



      2> Added the following block inside my flexmojos plugin in the pom










      Obviously replacing number in all cases with the license. I am not sure what I could be missing.


      I have Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 Premium. Do I need to have any kind of Pro software only to make the watermarks disappear? Like Adobe Flash Builder 4.7 Pro or something? I tried many things with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.