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    Lightroom Exports Look Terrible. Help!


      Hello! I am a video guy who was hired to do event photography the other night. I love the final edits I did in LR (CC 2015.8) and am all ready to export to JPEG. Then I noticed in the exported batch that the colors were very strange- they look compressed, like a lesser range of color or smaller bit. I am not the most technical with these things, but I have tried different export settings with no luck. Currently at the usual sRBG and JPEG Quality 94. TIFF produced the very same flawed image quality.


      I certainly can't present these photos as they look right now. Please see attached screenshots, noticing the obvious difference in the hair and coat. (Larger darker one is the export quality). Any ideas??


      Also, I know its not the display- calibrated iMac 27", and previewing final JPEGS in Apple's Preview viewer.7d36d5ace71386e5f060438366e58206.png67b3030690341c038cf23299736386fb.png