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    newbie in trouble!!

      Hy!! interactive animations on library arent working. I tried on jpg, png, and simple shapes... but they dont work.
      For example rollover cursor exchange.. The cursor doesnt change!
      I work on mac osx 10.3.9
      any suggestions???
      Thanx a lot
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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          What version of Director are you using?

          Here are my steps for getting Rollover Cursor Change to work in Director MX 2004:

          1. Create a new movie
          2. Click on the Rect Shape tool in the Tool Palette
          3. Click on the Stage to create a 100 x 100 pixel shape
          4. Open the Library Palette at Animations | Interactive
          5. Accept the default Finger cursor
          6. Drag the Rollover Cursor Change behavior onto my Shape sprite
          7. Check that the menu item Control | Loop Playback is checked
          8. Run the movie
          9. Pass the mouse over the Shape sprite.

          Bingo! a finger.
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            regetime Level 1
            thanx openspark
            Im using Director MX 2004 10.1
            It seems to be that when I set tempo to a frame on the score, then the finger doesnt appear. I needed the movie to stop on that sprite for 10 seconds, so I set on the score a frame (where the little clock is) telling the movie to wait 10 sec. before it goes on.
            This seems to interfere with the rollover cursor change.
            ¿Is this possibe?
            thanx for your time
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              Originally posted by: regetime¿Is this possibe?

              the tempo channel pauses the playbackhead, so no framebased events will occurr, which "stops" most behaviors.

              a better way is to roll your own "wait xx milliseconds" script, or... use mine. ;-)

              make a behavior and paste the following scripttext:

              ------------------------ begin copy:

              -- framescript
              -- does the same as 'wait xx milliseconds' in the tempo channel, except, that it doesn't pause everything else
              -- and thus allows for other animations to take place

              -- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
              property pTimer, pWaitTime

              -- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

              on beginsprite me
              pTimer = the milliseconds + pWaitTime

              -- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

              on getPropertyDescriptionList
              return [#pWaitTime: [#default:25000, #format:#integer, #comment:"Time to wait in milliseconds:"]]

              -- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

              on exitFrame me
              if pTimer > the milliseconds then go the frame

              ------------------------------------------ end copy

              drag the newly created behavior into the desired frame and enter the desired wait time in milliseconds in the upcoming dialog box.

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                regetime Level 1
                cheers Alex!! thankyou