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    Acrobat XI Pro Preferences-Converting to PDF - letter instead of A4

    adwul62 Level 1

      Acrobat XI Pro

      Preferences->Convert to PDF->Microsoft Excel or Word->Edit settings

      then 'Edit' at Adobe PDF Settings

      then in the new window it shows the sizes of 'Letter'-paper size instead of what I am using by default (A4)

      Windows locale is set to Europe, printer is set to A4, 210x297mm (printing preferences)


      Wonder where Acrobat XI is getting the Letter paper sizes from.

      Assume it must be derived from whatever settings somewhere?




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      what are the recommended settings in case of .jpg screenshots with text imported into Word and then exported to PDF.

      e.g. say I create a screenshot of this thread (using a capture tool)

      then paste it into Word

      then export the Word document to PDF

      in Word the fonts are crisp and are exactly the same as in this thread

      however, once exported to PDF, the PDF font is not sharp/crisp anymore.


      Should I change the images settings ?



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