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    Lightroom start with default settings


      Hey all,


      Soft : Lightroom 6.5, Windows 10, recent hardware.


      Almost daily my Lightroom starts with default settings. This means that my library is empty, by default within "My pictures", that I receive once more the tips, ... as if I installed the damned program for the first time. Only my presets remain in place - wich seems to be logical as they are installed correctly. I can turn off the tips once more, open once more the last catalog I used before shutting down the program (and laptop). After that I can work normally however from time to time I get a non-responding message (waiting and being patient helps here).


      I have tried the Lightroom CC trial for a few days, but the problem remains.


      Does anyone have an idea for what's causing this problem ? And ... does anyone have a solution ? I already cleaned up my library, reduced the quantity of pictures in it. Nothing seems to work. Wonder why LR keeps lossing track of it's recent past !


      Thanks for your reply / solution.


      Friendly regards,