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    PhoneGap OAuth2 integration


      We are looking to implement OAuth2 integration in our PhoneGap application, but are having trouble finding resources.


      The most up-to-date tutorial we could find is this Medium article:

      https://medium.com/@jlchereau/stop-using-inappbrowser-for-your-cordova-phonegap-oauth-flow -a806b61a2dc5


      which indicates that use of InAppBrowser is no longer viable, given the impending changes to Google OAuth2 request handling:

      Google Developers Blog: Modernizing OAuth interactions in Native Apps for Better Usability and Security


      Unfortunately, this tutorial only covers iOS, and we are developing for both iOS and Android.


      Can you point us to any comprehensive, up-to-date tutorials for integrating OAuth2 authentication into our PhoneGap application?