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    Where is layers panel in xD on Windows 10 beta?

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      I downloaded the Windows 10 xD Beta today (which seems to have been quietly released?) and I was reviewing some of the tutorials when I already ran into a question. Where is the artboard layers list as shown in the video. According to the video, there should be a cogwheel button on lower left of GUI that opens a list of artboards.


      Video link: https://images-tv.adobe.com/avp/vr/264f4f6b-d851-4163-8e87-2af5b6ce2b35/5396f99d-ac8a-4702 -b3fc-278e660be754/a0b49110-23b2-489d-91fc-a98212595dda_20161101015254.960x540at1200_h264. mp4


      What I'm looking for is shown at the time-stamp 3:14


      Attached is a screen shot. I'm guessing it's not yet included in this Windows 10 release? Note that the program was resized to float over the taskbar, the taskbar isn't hiding anything.