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    The problem with the program, incorrect work of the program - Adobe Animate CC 2015


      There was a small problem. By running this program, work with it, I did all begins

      1) The window scaling does not open until the end, where the button should be present - "ok" and "cancel."

      2) Clean sheet is not in the middle, and the bottom right corner, and with the help of gloves, put forward not to end (if there is an invisible wall).

      3) When I try something to draw (pencil or brush) on a leaf, then all of my "scribbles" shift: right or down, and fixes in a straight line (although to me it all - "AutoCorrect" do not need A clean again! just I do not know how).

      Operating system - Windows 10

      P.S - tried to establish the same program from different sources.

      Thank you in advance.