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    Indesign not checking Adobe font folder


      Hello there,


      CC provides this handy folder in the Adobe library in which you can add fonts, which then should be usable in every Adobe app. Since I make my own fonts, this is especially handy since it picks up overwrites of the font files directly (unlike font managers and Fontbook) This way I can quickly make adjustments and see the results when I'm using the fonts in illustrator or indesign projects.


      I generate my fonts directly in the Adobe font folder (Library/Application Support/Adobe/Fonts) and Illustrator picks up these added fonts perfectly. Indesign however doesn't see any of the fonts in this folder. It does show fonts placed in the Indesign/fonts folder however, but that's not much of a help (otherwise I can just as well install the fonts manually). Other Adobe programs aren't able to see font files in the folder as as well (such as Photoshop)


      There are no other copies of the fonts running through fontbook or other font managers, (so no conflicts) and I've also disabled my FontExplorer from running in the background.


      Any idea's why it's still not recognising the files?


      Running CC17 with El Capitain.