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    Deleting photos problem 2015.8 Mac Sierra IMAC 5k ERRORS PROBLEMS

    mickspawn Level 1

      To Adobe:  Your software has been horrible for at least the past year yet you want to continue taking my money for your buggy awful software.  Why?  Every update does something useful yet creates more problems..


      Anyway my problem please see photo below:


      Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 2.08.39 pm.png


      I am using full specced 5k Imac late 2015 with Sierra OS


      Everytime i flag photos with X and then COMMAND+DELETE to remove them all (choosing remove from disk) i get the following happen.

      A grey screen where im unable to click on Library or Develop or ANYTHING for that matter without this message stopping me from doing anything.. The solution? quitting and reopening the program.


      The other problem i also get if not this one, is that one photo will remain in my view and clicking on any photos around it simply does nothing until again you guessed it I CLOSE THE GOD FORSAKEN PROGRAM..


      Please rapidly push out an update for this as i cull a huge amount of photos daily and i dont want to quit and reopen lightroom every time i need to delete photos.