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    Missing aps-environment on iOS 10 builds




      We have noticed that using PGBS to build apps which run on iOS 10 no longer work correctly with push notifications.  We get the message:


      "no valid 'asp-environment' entitlement string found for application"


      After seeing similar issues raised on the internet and on this forum, we have found that the way push notifications are enabled has changed for iOS 10 requiring an .entitlements file to be included in Xcode8:


      https://support.iterable.com/hc/en-us/articles/212157066-iOS-10-Debugging-Push-Notificatio ns-Not-Registering


      no valid 'aps-environment' · Issue #1408 · phonegap/phonegap-plugin-push · GitHub


      The following post suggests a workaround: Re: Phonegap Build: Currently no way to add push notifications on iOS


      However, this workaround would not work for us as we use PGBS as part of our products workflow to allow non-technical end users to generate apps. We cannot therefore expect our end-users to retrospectively add an .entitlements file and resign the app's .ipa file.


      Does anybody know of a way to be able to instruct the PGBS to generate the appropriate entitlement for push notifications automatically, either as part of our config.xml or as part of the provisioning profile we choose? Is this an issue which will be addressed within the PGBS?


      As it stands, apps that our end-users build which use push notifications will no longer work on iOS 10 devices.


      Any help or suggestions appreciated.