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    Error when deploy windows 10 appx

    GiulyCat Level 1

      I've made an application with phone gap build.

      The application ID is 2396018. I've launched the build and the windows 10 application build successfully. I've also uploaded a self signed certificate and I've applied digital signature into phone gap build using my self signed certificate.

      The problem is that after I download the appx file, Windows 10 tell me that the application is not digitally signed (error 0x800B0100).


      Here the log of the application build:


      Build Date: 2016-12-13 16:56:25 +0000

      ================ Certificate 0 ================

      ================ Begin Nesting Level 1 ================

      Element 0:

      Serial Number: b594c4b93ffe4187467f487b2aff84fc

      Issuer: CN=80819397-7F50-421C-BB2A-11F3C8C39CC1

      NotBefore: 12/5/2016 7:32 AM

      NotAfter: 12/30/2018 11:00 PM

      Subject: CN=80819397-7F50-421C-BB2A-11F3C8C39CC1

      Signature matches Public Key

      Root Certificate: Subject matches Issuer

      Cert Hash(sha1): 2c 8a 86 b8 0b 5e 8f aa 0f 86 37 9c b8 4a 85 96 d1 e3 92 90

      ---------------- End Nesting Level 1 ----------------

        Provider = Microsoft Strong Cryptographic Provider

      Signature test passed

      CertUtil: -dump command completed successfully.




      My "Personal"

      CertUtil: -delstore command completed successfully.

      Building project: C:\cygwin\tmp\gimlet\2396018\project\CordovaApp.Phone.jsproj

      Configuration : release

      Platform : anycpu

        CordovaApp.Phone -> C:\cygwin\tmp\gimlet\2396018\project\AppPackages\CordovaApp.Phone_1.1.0.0_anycpu_Test\Cor dovaApp.Phone_1.1.0.0_anycpu.appx

        CordovaApp.Phone -> C:\cygwin\tmp\gimlet\2396018\project\AppPackages\CordovaApp.Phone_1.1.0.0_anycpu.appxuplo ad

        Your package has been successfully created.


      Can someone help me?