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    User Interaction

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      We're trying to create a project where we show simulations of software, and we'll be using Captivate for this. We would also like to add a feature of allowing the user to "try it", meaning they take control of the mouse and can really interact with the demonstration. Is this possible?
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          It is possible to have someone "try out" software. The key is in the initial set up of your recording the software screenshots. There is a difference between recording a "Demonstration" vs. recording a "Simulation."

          When you are ready to record and get the screenshots you want to ensure that Captivate is in the right mode. Before you click on the record button, click on the Options button in the lower left hand corner. One of the options that comes up is the Recording Mode. Make sure that it's set to Training Simulation.

          Once you have Training Simulation set, Captivate automatically includes click boxes, captions, highlights, etc. as you are recording your screenshots. To check to see what Captivate includes as far as interactivity, click on the Settings button next to the Recording Mode option. Select the components you would like people to seeas they view your movie.

          With these settings Captivate then changes all of your recording screenshots into a simulation where folks have to interact with what they see on the screen.

          I know this was detailed but I hope it helps. Best of luck in completing your training modules.
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            Hi gwennabeme

            Please refrain from cross posting. While in this case it would appear that you had good luck by doing this, rest assured it is a bad practice in the long run.

            This question was initially asked in this thread

            We don't like seeing cross posting, as it usually results in a lot of dead ends when users later search the forums for information.

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              Fatenah , that was soooo helpful! Thanks a million!!!